Amazing Experience With An Escort On A Luxury Cruise Ship

There is no better place to enjoy quality time with an escort like on a luxury cruise ship. You have plenty of time with very little to do besides relaxing and enjoying yourself. This was true for three college friends who took a cruise together.

They spent the first three days a bit bored. All three of them had tried to pick up girls that were on the cruise, but none of them had any success. However, on the 4th day they came across 2 sexy girls who were ready to party. The girls explained that they were escorts who worked for Charlotte escorts, and that they were available to be hired for sexual services. The three friends talked it out and agreed they wanted to hire both of the girls to hang out with them for the remainder of their trip and that they would split the cost between the three of them.

They spent their days lounging in the sun, playing around, and enjoying each other’s company. And at night they enjoyed the nightclub, as they danced and got turned on for their sexual escapades. Each friend took turns driving his penis into a beautiful vagina and making those thrusting movements back and forth until he moaned out of satisfaction when ejaculating. They got turned on even more by watching each other and sharing all around. One enjoyed a blowjob while another was fucking the same girl in her tight little asshole. The guys couldn’t believe how wild and freaky these girls were and what they were willing to do.

Each of the guys took their turns with both girls, fucking all of their holes. None of them had ever experienced anal sex before, so the girls talked them through it when they started. Over the four days the friends decided that the money that they had spent on the girls was definitely worth it. These ladies were willing to do just about anything the guys asked them for, and seemed enthusiastic to do so. They did bondage, double penetration, spankings, and many other things. They were all actually a bit sad when the trip came to an end. The girls were definitely happy with the money they made, especially when the guys all tipped each of them for their amazing services. Now these friends would have to go home and find amazing freaky girls like this to take care of their sexual needs on a regular basis.

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